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Manufacturer of Industrial inkjet coding and marking printers

KGK Jet India Private Limited is a leading player in the area of industrial marking and coding technology. Presently, our operations involve the sale of industrial inkjet printers, high speed coding and marking machines, production line continuous inkjet printers and different kinds of speciality inks for industrial inkjet printers, including edible inks. We are a wholly owned subsidiary of Kishu Giken Kogyo Co. Ltd of Japan, a pioneer in this industry. With a view to provide innovative and superior products to the various industry segments in India, KGK CO. LTD has extended its business to the Indian sub continent. The driving force behind our success is the desire for developing a perfect and precise system to print, track, manage and inspect the printing on various merchandize before it enters the market. Such a system reduces the chance for errors and saves a lot of time with its reliability and excellence in performance.

The enhanced coding systems developed by our in-house teams cater to a broad spectrum of consumer needs. Expiry date codes, batch codes, barcodes, logos, lot numbers marking and price detailing are important aspects for a consumer to check before purchasing a product. Hence, printing the information in a correct form and legible manner not only complies with government requirements, but is also helpful to both the consumer and the seller. With this in mind, we have developed our expertise in small character printing and large character printing, using continuous inkjet printers and drop on demand printers. Whether it is a curved or a flat surface, our printers can legibly print any font in any size.

The basic products offered by KGK are

  • Non Porous and porous surface/substrate - Small Character Printers (SCP) are used - Continuous Inkjet Printing (CIJ)
  • Porous surface /substrate - Large Character Printers (LCP) are used - Drop on demand (DoD)

The Company is a firm believer in innovative development and complies strictly with all technical specifications and key safety issues required for its industrial inkjet printing and coding products. Constantly redefining its technology and methods, the company relies on the customer's output to overcome inadequacies, if any, and revels in providing a better service. KGK has always been a keen player in the product engineering sector and works constantly on improvisation to be abreast with the latest technical advancements.

Our strength lies in our highly motivated, exceedingly professional and well-trained human resource base. Integrating an ethical philosophy and instilling the right values have been our priority and have helped us create a wonderful work environment.

The KGK Jet India Private Limited will soon be having its own manufacturing facility in India. We will be employing factory-trained specialist personnel for our production set up, thereby allowing us to maintain superior standards in all our industrial inkjet printing and coding products. Research and development have for long been the driving force of our organization and KGK Jet India Private Limited has also envisioned the development of a research facility in the near future in India.

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