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History Of KGK Jet India

KGK Jet India Private Limited, started in October 2013, is the Indian arm of the Kishu Giken Kogyo Co. Ltd, Japan. The company is a pioneer in the development and production of enhanced marking systems including coding and marking machines, industrial inkjet printers, product marking systems and the associated range of inks.

The parent company is spearheaded by President, Mr. Toshiyuki Kamanaka. Born April 10, 1937, at Aritagawa, of the Wakayama Prefecture, Mr. Kamanaka graduated from Wakayama Industrial High School in 1956. He gained 12 years of experience in packaging machinery and equipment at Kao Corporation's Wakayama Factory. Realizing the potential for improved and efficient techniques in the marking industry, he resigned from his job and put his ideas to test. Kishu Giken Kogyo Co. Ltd was founded by Mr. Toshiyuki Kamanaka in 1968 as a specialized manufacturer of automatic marking machines. The company has been engaged in constant development of its range of products and today, our product line includes the complete range of product marking systems and industrial inkjet printers.

Innovation is our lifeline and we have continuously harnessed the power of technology to deliver pertinent solutions with our marking machines and systems. Our specialized print technology is capable of legible printing even on curved surfaces.

KGK now enjoys a sizeable market share for roller coders and industrial inkjet printers. The founder was awarded a Medal with Yellow Ribbon (Oju-Hosho) in November 2005 for his exemplary work and services.

KGK Jet India PVT LTD has gained momentum in its business expansion activities and envisages an excellent potential in the Indian market. We will soon be initiating a manufacturing facility to cater to the needs of the clients here in India.