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HQC / HQ3200

The HQC are advanced inkjet printers and are especially used to print characters from 2mm to 46mm using the Piezo-ceramics driven technology for maximum efficiency. The head reservoir and the main body are separated thereby giving flexibility in operations. Data copy between devises and external backup is also possible. Further, operation and set-up is extremely easy.

JET HQC operation key

Designed considering the Users

Customer can easily install and adjust without manufacturer's representative.

Lightweight compact body aiming “Anyone can use easily”

  • Characters displayed will be with high clarity because of Graphic liquid crystal screen.
  • Editing of print contents can be done even with mobile phone and anyone can easily operate.
  • Designed in such a way that the accessories can be perfectly stored in the body.
  • With all in one design, accessories can also be perfectly stored in the body.
  • Reference of existence line is also easy with compact design.
Example for Installation of Height adjustment stand (Optional product)

Value for money ink jet printer providing desired functions

  • Operation is extremely simple and user friendly
  • Level can be confirmed with standard loading
  • Print start instructions and 3 point output signal can be communicated¬† to an external equipment and can be operated with peripheral system.
  • If connected with computer, backup during emergency is also possible (Communication cable, Software required)
  • Copying of data between two machines is possible by connecting the two controllers with a communication cable
  • Numbering, Auto calendar and Expiry period print function is available
HQC multi head image

Reliable In-house Development

  • Indigenously developed head aiding in easy serviceability of the printer
  • Ink developed in-house by our “Ink development department” is used
  • Preventive mechanism in case of insertion of wrong ink bottle is adopted

Multi specification (only HQC)

  • Master slave control, a prominent feature can be achieved between two systems
  • Message switchover, Time/Numbering synchronization, Start/Stop switchover and End process are important attributes
HQC separate specification

Separate specification

  • The head reservoir and main body are separated.


Item HQC HQ3200
Print method Piezo Ceramics Operation on demand
Corresponding maximum line speed 200m/minute (Thickness 1) ~ 31m/minute (Thickness 9) 200m/minute (Thickness 1) ~ 67m/minute (Thickness 9)
Nozzle array 32 nozzles, 2 holes/nozzle 32 nozzles, 7 holes/nozzle
Ink ejection direction Side
Character length 2 to 20 mm, 25.4mm when it is erect 5 to 40 mm, 46mm when it is erect
Head count 1 head
Ink type CK Black/CK red BA Black
Work detection Photo electric sensor (Head fixed type/External type), I/O Input
Print steps count 1 step (32x32 dot), 2 steps (16x16 dot)
Registered message count 30 messages
No.of characters per message 48 characters
Character type Alpha numeric/Symbol/Katakana/Kanji (48 characters)/User registration character (register the 180 characters selected optionally by the customer before shipment)
Character font Gothic (16 dot font is Bold and microscopic selection possible)
Date and Time print Year (Western/Japanese Calendar), Month, Date, Time(12/24 H), Minutes, Free format, Offset value settings possible, Calender character allocation function
Numbering Maximum 8 digits, UpDown, Repeat, Incremental value setting
Bar code Not possible
Figure Not possible
External Interface I/O: Output 3 points (Preparation completion/ink LOW/warning)
  Can be used only for RS-232C: Data backup/Restore/Software version up
Use environment 5 to 35 degree centigrade, 10 to 80% RH(Dew condensation)
Power source AC100V+or-10% 50/60Hz 40W or less AC100V+or-10% 50/60Hz 50W or less
Earth connection D type earth connection

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