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The company produces ink jet printers and markers for a variety of clients; each suited and tailored for specific needs.

Our engineers design specific related software for precise and perfect functioning of our products allowing the client to have control over the operation. We also produce designated Inks for different purposes. We take in our customer's suggestions seriously to improve our products and the experience.


C Series

The C series is a high quality series of small character inkjet printers designed to continuously print with quick-dry inks and ensuring highest value to the various applications without any compromise on cost or quality.

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HQ Economy Series

The high quality piezo-type inkjet printer efficient in printing expiration dates, lot numbers, product names and company names, images, logos, bar codes, etc in large sizes and on cardboard boxes at high speeds.

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HQ Premium Series

The HQ premium series of printers is used for large character printing. With ergonomic touch panels and high performance, various patterns can be printed. High speed production is also possible.

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The PK Print Examiner Series

Print examiners are extremely helpful and a necessary product to check the results of the print. The in-house developed product is capable of recognizing the printed letters and verifying effortlessly.

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Speciality Inks

The ink is a product of in-house development exhibiting the characteristics such high adhesiveness, heat resistant and creating a whole new edible factor allowing, it to be printed on the surface of cardboard, metal, plastic, ceramic and food substances.

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