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Our primary objective is to produce cost effective products for our clients. Our teams work together from all the departments to deliver Synergy effect which is the driving force for technology advancement. The first product developed and manufactured was the roller coder designed for easing the marking system. During 1988 to 1994, the Company has technically evolved from being a mechanical oriented company to a more progressive electronic one. Almost 1/3rd of the staff in KGK, is involved in R & D, as it is a dedicated and essential department involved in various advancements like the Print head development and image processing development utilized for inspection of characters. The products are a combination of numerous technologies working together to produce exceptional results. We use the Piezo technology to improve accuracy in dropping the ink and synchronizing with the software, for precision. The drop on demand, the first of its kind in Japan was introduced by KGK CO. Ltd. There are different types of Piezo systems available for usage based on the vibrations that allow the ink to form droplets and utilizing electricity to control (print and deflect the droplets), this way the ink is recycled and not wasted. Our other featured product for enhancing the marking procedure is the Print Inspector (Checker) capable of analysing and detecting errors of various kinds and employing the usage of the OCR technology. We also manufacture various kinds of inks ranging from edible inks to different coloured ones, designed for printing on different types of surfaces. Our research teams have forayed into latest technology, the nanotechnology. Our primary objective is the advancement and gradual expansion in the field of research for better products.

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