Agrochemical & Fertilizer

The Packaging of seed, pesticides, insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, and fertilizer, need marking and coding like date of manufacturing, Expiry date etc. The MRP Printed needs to be protected against dust, water & sun light as these products are marketed through retail stores located hinterland of India. KGK Jet Automatic Batch Coding Machine has right solution with In-house developed specialized quick dry inks which are ideal for harsh environmental conditions.

Also, manufacturer use same line for packaging different product with possibility of having varied substrate. Industrial Inkjet Barcoding machine need to be adoptive, fast, reduce downtime and compatible for multiple substrates.KGK Jet IP65 rated industrial inkjet machines are compact & ideal for versatile applications.

Moreover, KGK Jet Continuous Inkjet Printing machine use Nozzle capping technology. It caps the ink nozzle if batch coding printer is not in use. This prevents ink and solvent getting exposed to external environment. Dried and contaminated fluids can cause print nozzle blocking on the MRP Printing Machine.

Other automatic batch coding machines face frequent nozzle blocking. They need to clean or rinse the print-head regularly, resulting in loss of ink and solvent as well as production time.

Agrochemical industry has selected manufacturing period, KGK jet machine does not require frequent service engineer visit as KGK machines are equipped with scheduler.

Unique timed Auto Start & Stop Feature:
This feature is designed to start the Batch Coding Machine immediately even if Batch Coding machine is not operated for very long time. No service engineer visit is required resulting in longer up time & is cost saving.

KGK Jet Industrial Inkjet Printing manufacturer has developed specialized quick dry inks for substrates like Metal, PET, PVC, HDPE, PP and other plastics.

Sampling and Aging management:
Amalgamation of KGK 50 years of customer delight and industry knowledge paved way for KGK Jet India. We understand the importance of non-stop production, any mistakes in operation can set companies back and take substantial capital to fix. As per KGK standard process before suggesting solution to customer, we will always test the customer substrate based on customer requirements.

For instance, if customer is looking for high speed coding directly on products which will have high expose to sunlight, dust or temperature variations before being sold in retail. A dedicated sample test facility at KGK jet India backed by coding experts will perform various test to understand & suggest the most compatible & economical solution for customer. This practice helps customers see the right coding achieved even before machine purchase.

We at KGK jet believe every customer requirement is unique, which need customised solution. Before every dispatch KGK jet machine goes through process of testing with particular selected ink & solvent. After satisfactory results before dispatch, machine goes through various wash to avoid possible ink clogging during final installation at the customer place. KGK Jet India takes pride in our process & heritage to provide error free coding always.

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