Industrial Inkjet Coding on Chemical packaging could be challenging, due to inherent hazardous nature of production environment which are hot, humid and dusty. Moreover, the packaging substrate are rigid (low surface energy) to avoid reaction between chemical and packaging for longer shelf life. Also, bar coding should be resilience to chemical spillage also.

KGK Jet Industrial Inkjet printers give the right solution for chemical product packaging

Protection from Dust and humidity:
Positive air pressure inside the print-head of Continuous Inkjet Printer, keeps dust and humidity out, resulting in no contamination of head and ink. Operators need not clean Continuous Inkjet printers print-head before every start & stop of the Industrial Inkjet Printer.

Also,KGK Jet Industrial Inkjet print head components are Fluorine coated, which protect print-head from contamination.

IP 65 protection:
With IP 65 tuff stainless steel body, KGK Jet Continuous Inkjet Printers has been designed in Japan and assembled in India keeping in mind India's weather and application in mind.

In-house ink development:
The development of Barcode printers is inseparable from the development of ink. While using an KGK inkjet printer, you must use only the ink and solvent prescribed by KGK Jet. We have dedicated Ink Development Department and KGK Jet India develop in-house unique inks in order to meet the diverse needs of the market.

KGK Jet Industrial Inkjet Printing manufacturer has developed specialized quick dry inks for substrates like Metal, PET, PVC, HDPE, PP and other plastics.

Sampling and Aging management:
Amalgamation of KGK 50 years of customer delight and industry knowledge paved way for KGK Jet India. We understand the importance of non-stop production, any mistakes in operation can set companies back and take substantial capital to fix. As per KGK standard process before suggesting solution to customer, we will always test the customer substrate based on customer requirements.

For instance, if customer is looking for high speed coding directly on products which will have high expose to sunlight, dust or temperature variations before being sold in retail. A dedicated sample test facility at KGK jet India backed by coding experts will perform various test to understand & suggest the most compatible & economical solution for customer. This practice helps customers see the right coding achieved even before machine purchase.

We at KGK jet believe every customer requirement is unique, which need customised solution. Before every dispatch KGK jet machine goes through process of testing with particular selected ink & solvent. After satisfactory results before dispatch, machine goes through various wash to avoid possible ink clogging during final installation at the customer place. KGK Jet India takes pride in our process & heritage to provide error free coding always.

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