Continuous Ink Jet Printers (CIJ)

Our CIJ printers has boosted confidence of many a customer on the reliability and cost effectiveness owing to the patented Nozzle Capping Technology, where in the Ink,& Solvent (make- up) consumption is considerably lower and the uptime is very high. As a "technology-based company," we are continuously endeavoring to refine our high-precision, micro-processing and liquid drop formation technologies.

What is Nozzle Capping Technology?

In CIJ printing the Gutter collects the uncharged ink droplets. At KGK Jet Patented Nozzle Capping Technology automatically close the nozzle with gutter if the printer is not in use and the ink collected by gutter send to main tank for reuse resulting in significant saving for our customers. Whenever the production line is ready Gutter will change the position to its original location to perform Continuous Ink jet printing.

How my customer benefits.

Our patented Nozzle Capping Technology consumes very less Ink & solvent, moreover our machine need less than a minute to start.With saving in Ink, Solvent and faster uptime our customers can operate for more man hours.

Service Management System (SMS)

Service Management System SMS is inbuilt diagnostic a value-added feature of machine. KGK is committed to the reliability of machine, running cost, timely Preventive Maintenance & uptime of machine in which SMS play an important role…..

More Details

Positive Air

The only ink jet printer manufacturer to use positive air knives in print head. The Positive air kill the static build up that can attract dust and contaminants that ruin print head components. KGK Jet use air as environmental separation tool to blow off dust and moisture traveling inside head.

3 Micron High-Density Ink Filter

For best quality print, you need high quality inks. These inks must be filtered right to provide High resolution, clear & crisp print graphics. KGK Jet the only brand who use 3-micron high-density ink filter for fine filtering of Ink during circulation inside the machine.

This fine filtering provides trouble free operation and prevents print defects such as, lumps splatters and spits. The 3-Micron High-Density Ink filters prevents nozzle clogging & reduce ink consumption considerably.

Unique timed Auto Start & Stop Feature

Designed to help the customers to start the machine immediately even if machine is not operated for very long time. The customer just need to keep the power supply ON, secluded auto start & stop perform Owen health check and circulated ink in the ink system which helps to avoid potential blockage.Our printer will perform few task and will be ready to print.No service engineer visit required resulting in huge saving and faster up time for the machine.

Air Purge system for every machine

A dedicated air pump fitted in every KGK jet machines ensures the functionality of the print head is not affected or damaged by the contaminants from the surrounding environment. Purging units are essential because they maintain a clear boundary path or air curtain between print head and outside environment and also ensure that the instrument remains clean during prolonged operation. Our machines work at their best in dusty &humidenvironment this contributes to less maintenance and faster up time.

Unique Nozzle calibre

KGK Jet CIJ printer are the only ink jet printer equipped with 40µm / 50µm / 60µm Nozzle calibre as compares to higher nozzle calibre available in market. Thanks to of KGK jet in-house reserve know-how of ink jet technology spanning more than 50 years, this unique offering saves substantial amount of ink and solvent during operations resulting in huge saving for our customers.