UV Laser Marking System

KGK Jet industrial UV laser promises High speed, precise, Low HAZ (Heat Affected Zone), delivers high contrast easy to install coding and marking solution. Due to low HAZ, our laser coding machine is ideal for sensitive substrate like electronic parts, auto parts, IC chips, and other high value-added products. Marking speed up to 18000mm/s on almost any substrate meet most of industrial marking and coding requirements.

Wide range of marking field is available from 70 x 70 mm to 200 x 200 mm. It can be configured specific to the application requirement. Our Galvo controllers are having high speed processing capability enabling the high linear speed (with respect to the encoder pulses) and accuracy on the character formation, thus providing consistent marking quality. KGK Jet UV laser marking system is designed to accommodate in your existing production line with minimal modification. 10.4 inch coloured LCD touch panel offers feature-Rich and highly responsive user interface allows users to control major functions. Pre-installed extended multi -lingual support for both software & hardware like English, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Italian, German, Spanish, Persian & Turkish.

What are the Advantages of UV Laser Marking System?

The advantages of KGK Jet UV Laser Marking System

Low Heat Affect Zone

Unlike CO2 and Fiber lasers, our 355nm laser wavelength produces minimum heat affected zone on the marking area. This enable us to mark on heat sensitive substrate without damaging it, which results in superior and precision marking. Especially suitable for sensitive electronic components and sensors.

Small Spot Size:

KGK Jet UV laser deliver 100 times smaller spot size than CO2 laser. This allow UV laser to deliver more density of laser using lesser power, results in more efficient and accurate marking.

Wide Application & Substrate

Ideal choice for marking applications, as UV laser has relatively higher absorption at 355nm wavelength, for most substrates. Now laser mark, Logo, batch, serial number & graphics on almost any substrate even laser mark low-voltage apparatus and refractory materials.

Service Support

Unlike other marking methods KGK UV Laser doesn’t require consumable like inks and solvent or cleaning solution to operate. Enjoys maximum uptime with minimum maintenance with help of KGK pan India service network.