>A compact print inspection system with the affordable price.

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Inkjet Printer with a Solid Stainless Steel Housing.

CCS 2000

A Low-Cost High-Performance Inkjet Printer.

CCS 3000

A Low-Cost High-Performance Inkjet Printer.

CCS 3000L

Fluorine Nozzle Inkjet Printer.

CCS 3100

Stable printing with fluorine nozzle mounted head.


Piezo Ceramic Drive Drop-on-Demand.


It is a high resolution Ink Jet Printer


Letters, bar codes and graphics are printer

HQ 8500

Control up to 4 print heads simultaneously with 1 unit.

HQ 1000

600 dpi High-Quality Inkjet Printer.


A compact print inspection system with the affordable price.


It is full of particular functions



>A compact print inspection system with the affordable price.

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Water Cooled 5W UV Laser

  • Long working Life: Water cooled system prevents long term high temperature damage to machine thus improve efficiency while operating in busy production line.
  • Eco-friendly: High accuracy, low energy environment friendly product
  • Communication: Encoder Port, Photo Cell Port, Signal Light Port, I/O Signals. Also available USB, RJ45, SD card & Ethernet for seamless communication.

Technical Specification

Item JLU-5W+
Casing Material Control cabinet : Stainless Steel Marking Unit : Alumina Alloy
Working Distance 130mm - 400mm ( Depends on application)
Marking Field (mm) 70x70, 110x110,150x150, 200x200
Marking Speed <18000 mm/s
Line Speed 0~240 m/min (related to material and content)
Minimum marking Line Width 0.01mm
Repeated Precision 0.01mm
Laser Type Nanosecond UV laser
Optical Output Power 5W
Laser Wavelength 355nm
Cooling System Air Cooled Water Cooled
Screen Size 10.4 Inch Color LCD Touch Panel
Operator Interface Graphic touch-control system based on Linux
File Type PNG, JPG, BMP, PLT, AI, DXF,
Barcode Type CODE128, C0DE39, CODE93, PDF417, ITF14, Code bar, OR, DM , Hanxin, Aztec
Marking Mode Marking-on-the-fly, Static marking, Pipeline marking
Trigger Type Photoelectric trigger, Pedal trigger, Internal trigger
Marking Line Type Vector graphics, dot matrix
Font Type Single Line, Double Lines, Dotted Font, True Type Font
Language English, Japanese
Switch Key switch, Power start button, Emergency Stop
External Interface Control Cabinet:Encoder port, Photo cell port, Signal light port, IO port Touch Panel: USB, RJ45, SD
Communication Ethernet TCP/IP ,I/O signals available for marking status and interlock control
Electrical requirements 220V AC, 50Hz, 12A
Power Consumption 800W
Operating Temperature 15-40°C
Humidity 5%-80% (non-condensing)
Net Weight 80Kg