KGK Why Us

KGK Jet India private limited is an organisation that brings rich innovation capabilities and takes pride in its Japanese roots and Indian heritage. Our culture of collaboration, customer focus and passionate approach to solving challenges is reflected in every touchpoint of interaction with us. From our humble beginnings, we have evolved today to touch revenues of 150 million USD, achieved a position of leadership in industrial inkjet printing and have an employee strength of over 1000 associates spread across the globe.We are one of the leading industrial inkjet printer manufacturers in India.

Some of the reasons why our industrial inkjet printers (continuous inkjet printers, thermal inkjet printers and drop on demand printers) are the market leaders in their respective segments are

Unmatched customer support

KGK takes pride in achieving customer delight and exceeding expectations. Our personnel are available on call and make compulsory onsite visits every 4 months. All our production process is completely in-house, and we have a Pan-India presence for sales and service support.

A tradition of Successful Manufacturing

We have over 5 decades of industry expertise and have continuously evolved to satisfy diversified customer needs. Over the years, we have achieved an unmatched reputation for product quality, solution delivery and customer support. We have separate R&D departments for the development of new industrial inkjet machines, consumables and tertiary products like inspection systems.

Innovation Capabilities

Our innovation capabilities allow us to offer constant upgradations based on technology, and we can capablydeliver tailor-made solutions based on specific industry requirements. We also offer a wide variety of ink choices, both in function and colour. We are one of the few industrial inkjet printer manufacturers in India to provide complete packages right from CIJ machines to inks and examiners and inspection systems all under one roof.Initial production of metal nano particles for both wet and dry processes, as well as inkjet ink utilising metal nanoparticles in one of our enduring success stories.

Balanced and competitive pricing

Our innovation capabilities and industry best-manufacturing practise help us achieve scale and deliver balanced and competitive pricing to customers. Our systems and products are robust, durable and reliable, can be easily maintained and have few moving parts. With the ability to operate successfully in a temperature range of 0 to 40°C and humid weather conditions common to the Indian factory setup, we deliver excellent ROI. Also, our industrial inkjet printers can capably print on different substrates of different shapes.

Strength of technology

We have developed unique nozzles and technologies that reduces operational cost by 35% in terms of solvent consumption, thereby reducing the total cost of ownership. With our machines, printing on different substrates and objects of different shapes is possible.

40/50/60 (Optional) micron nozzles are provided to help customers achieve sharper prints. They can go on to print 1D, 2D, QR code and GS1 Bar Codes complying with the relevant standards, among others.

Our patented nozzle capping technology

  • Ensures less consumption of solvent
  • Prevents nozzle clogging even during long breaks. The internal mechanism circulates ink automatically during a stop. Wake up modes are also provided for a quick operational start
  • Frequent cleaning of the nozzle is not required
  • The printer can be switched off and switched on any number of times in a day

It is also easy to set start and end interval mechanisms on KGK Jet industrial inkjet printers.

An in-built purging pump also ensures quick uptime, and everything is programmatically controlled for maximum efficiency.