Primary Packaging

Primary packaging is the first packaging layer in which the product is packed. Due to diverse applications and functions, depending on the product, and transit and storage variables, different types of primary packaging materials may be used. The most importantroleof primary packaging materialsis to protect and preserve the product from damage, external interference or contamination, spoiling and chemical imbalances.

As per the consumer goods forum all the FMCG products, whether perishable or non-perishable, the following need to be printed:

  • Manufacturing Date,
  • Expiry Date and
  • MRP (Maximum Retail Price)

These details need to be printed to ensure legal compliance, safeguard the manufacturer and the consumer, assuring traceability and take quick action. Whether it is barcodes printing or QR code printing, they should be legible, and the ink must dry quickly so that the data is not wiped away. Continuous inkjet printers in association with quick-drying inks are ideal for printing on primary packaging materials. Sometimes, CIJ printers are also known as Barcode Label Printers.

Our solutions for Primary Packaging

We provide a solution to the manufacturers to print/code the data on all the primary, secondary and tertiary packages with the required statutory details.This ensures that the manufacturer, the distributor, retailer and the consumers are all protected. The data includes but is not limited to batch and lot numbers, barcodes, QR codes and expiry dates, among others.

The print should be visible, legible, with good contrast and sharpness and KGK continuous inkjet printers offer an excellent return on investment and are an ideal choice as industrial printing machines.

We have a good variety of dye, pigment and food-grade inks for different types of packages. If you are looking for the best industrial inkjet printers, continuous inkjet printing solution for primary packaging materials, your search ends here! Contact us,and we will get back with a tailored solution for your needs.